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All Family Matters including: Divorce, Custody, Support, Modifications, Relocation, Same Sex Legal Issues Serving the ENTIRE East Valley Area of AZ


    A family law attorney addresses and deals with any family legal issue, including divorce, same sex family law, legal separation agreements, issues involved in property division, debt division, and the court’s focus on equitable distribution, spousal support, child support, as well as modifications to child support, and enforcing child support. This area of the law is extremely important to the people involved, and any court decision will affect the family for years into the future. We know how important it is that you have legal representation from a Law Center divorce lawyer that will take your case in hand and help you fight for your personal objectives.

    At Law Center, we have gained a reputation for excellent service and compassionate legal counsel in matters of child custody, child custody modifications, and in enforcing child custody we can support your cause in a petition for relocation, or to challenge the other parents request to move away. If your parental rights are being violated, or a court order regarding visitation not being complied with, we can help you get the matter under control. We assist in issues regarding juvenile court, guardianship, and are advocates for fathers’ rights and grandparents’ rights. We can act quickly to get you the protection of law enforcement in orders of protection if you are a victim of domestic violence

    Our firm offers legal service in 4 languages, – English, Spanish, French and Creole and our entire staff is focused on giving you the best possible service, as you deserve. We are a highly rated law firm that is committed to protecting the rights and interests of our clients that need legal representation in any family law matter. We serve the communities of Tempe, Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, Glendale, Chandler, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and Avondale.

    Contact a Law Center’s divorce attorney for legal counsel you can trust to fight for you, your children and your goals in any family law matter.

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